We Bake Fresh Several Times A Day
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Tasty Bagels Then And Now

Tasty Bagels opened its doors 28 years ago on October 11, 1983.  Joe, along with his wife Angel and son Vincent are the original owners and operators of Tasty Bagels.  All of our bagels are made on premises and are “Kettle” cooked the old fashioned, traditional way.  We offer a complete line of Hot & Cold Catering for all occasions.  In 1984 we created the “Big Wheel Bagel”, our pride & joy.  In addition to our fantastic bagels, we prepare all of our salad fresh on the premise, using only the finest and freshest ingredients.  We have earned the reputation of the best bagels in NYC through our hard work and dedication.  This is our only location, which allows us to put forth quality and excellence in every one of our products.

At Tasty Bagels, we believe that the foundation of our success and progress is based on the continued friendship of those we served throughout the years.  Some of our satisfied customers over the years are the NYPD, FDNY, Department of Sanitation, NYS Unified Court System, United States Marine Corps., Poly Prep Country Day School, Knights of Columbus, The Columbiettes, Aviator Sports and Recreation, NYC Public Schools and the entire Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge Communities.

Thank you for your Continued Loyalty and Patronage,
The Geraldi Family

Real Reviews By Real People

Do you know why this place is called Tasty Bagels?


Yes, these are the delicious, crusty-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside, bready delights I grew up with. I remember my grandfather going out in the morning to bring me "Tasty Bagel" before I went to school. My favorite was, and still is, an everything bagel, toasted with butter. Mmm.

Still, every time I'm in Brooklyn I make sure to grab a dozen of these guys and bring them home for consumption during the week (or that night). When it comes to bagels, once you go Brooklyn... you never find a bagel as good. So you're forced to come back. Damn you, Tasty Bagels. 


I grew up in the midwest where bagels were as tough as hockey pucks. Then, in my 25 years in Atlanta they final started to understand what a bagel looked like.

I moved to Bath Beach three years ago and, after 10 or 20 disappointments, I discovered the delights of Tasty Bagels -
Bagel Heaven.

Their bagels are usually fresh from the oven on Saturday morning when I walk the ten minutes to get there, going by three other bagel shops by the way. There is always a line but they always have four or five friendly people there to get you served in a couple of minutes. They also have a deli with tons of great selections.

You will never be disappointed stoppng by. Go get it!

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