Start With The Best

Mixing the bagel ingedients
At Tasty we start with only the finest ingredients. Our bagel mix consist of Pillsbury high gluten balancer flour, salt, brown sugar, malt and good old


The ingredients are then mixed in our spiral mixer. This mixer is specially constructed for mixing bagel dough.  Bagel dough is especially strong and resilient.  Unlike barrel mixers which take 35-40 minutes to produce a tight stiff dough, our spiral mixer WHIPS the flour into a fluffy soft bagel dough in 12-15 minutes.


The Bagel Table
After mixing the dough, our experienced Bagel Roller, places the dough on a proofing table.   The dough is covered and allowed to proof.  The dough you see in this photo is for our delicious Cinnamon Raisin Bagels.


The Kettle
The bagels are then placed in a kettle of boiling water. The boiling water produces the golden shine and maintains the center hole of the Bagel.

Cool Down

The Cool Down
After boiling, our bagels are placed in a trough of cold running water.
This allows our bagels to cool down for proper handling.


Bagels In The Oven

A pine plank is used to place the bagels in the oven. The bagels bake on the plank for about five minutes at about 450 degrees.