The Bagel Has Its Roots In Poland.

Bagel History

In 1610, the community of Cracow Poland, states that "beygls" will be given as gifts to women in childbirth.

In 1683, a Viennese baker wanted to bake special bread to honor King John II Sobreski of Poland for saving the city from Turkish invaders. He became known as "Vaneusker of the Turks" the King was a skilled horseman, so he baked the bread in the shape of a riding stirrup. The Austrian word for "stir-up" is "Beugel". As the Buegels popularity spread throughout Eastern Europe, the name evolved but the formula and tradition remained unchanged for three centuries.

In 1880, thousands of Eastern European Jews immigrate to the USA. They bring with them a desire for bagels. On New York's Lower East Side street vendors are selling bagels.

In 1907, the International Bakers Union is founded in New York City.

In 1920, Joseph & Isaac Breakstone market a new item called "Cream Cheese". It became a big hit with the New York Jewish Community and became a standard spread for bagels.

In 1962, a gentlemen, named Mr. Murray Lender sells frozen bagels in your local supermarket. His dream was a "bagel in every toaster".

In 1983, Joe & John open Brooklyn's famous "Tasty Bagels" in the heart of Bensonhurst.

In 1984, The "Big Wheel Bagel" is born. The 24" in diameter genuine bagel became a signature product in the Bensonhurst Community for every conceivable party. They are filled with Italian Cold Cuts or more traditional Roast Beef and Turkey.

In 2012, Tasty Bagels still creates some of the finest bagels you will ever eat!